MACFM Executive Team

Erik Hays

Executive Director

Erik has served as the Facilities Director at Wooddale Church since 2013. He was MACFM Vice President of Membership & Marketing from 2015-2018. Erik has been the Executive Director since January 2019.

Jonathan Glendenning

Vice President

Jonathan and his family have been members of Substance Church for 11 years and joined the full-time staff in November 2015. He currently serves as Facilities Pastor and is a leader in the small-groups, volunteer ministry teams, and internship programs. Jonathan and his wife parent 3 amazing young men.

Neil Reisdorfer


Neil worked as the Facility Coordinator at Eagle Brook Church in Woodbury.

Lance Poole

President; Interim Vice President of Education

Lance has served full-time at Trinity Church since 2007, accepting the Lead Facilities role in 2015 and subsequently joining MACFM. He is joyfully married to Jennifer and together they are blessed to shepherd 5 children. Lance has been a member of the Executive Council since January 2019.

Bruce McClay


Bruce McClay works as the Facilities Director at Calvary Baptist in Roseville.

Chad Hanson

Vendor Representative

Chad became a member of MACFM in 2016 and has served as Vendor Representative since January 2019. He is President and General Manager of SwedeBro, which he started with his father in 1999. Chad is a member of Constance Free Church in Andover and also serves as Elder. He and his wife Emily have 4 boys.

Eric Hansen

Past President

Eric has been the Facility Manager at Colonial Church since 2014. He served as President of MACFM from January through December of 2019.

Vince Vanella

Vice President of Membership & Marketing

Vince Vanella has worked in the facility services industry for over 30 years. He has held numerous positions in operations, operations management, as well as marketing. Currently Vince serves at Prairie Lutheran and Bethlehem Covenant as Facility Manager.

Caleb Boston

Website Admin

Caleb has worked at Wooddale Church as a lead custodian since late 2015. He also pastors Sand Creek Baptist Church in Jordan, MN. Caleb recently joined MACFM in 2019 and is assisting in various administration support roles.